Brand Assets

Feel free to use our logo and style guide in blogs, news articles, advertising, wherever, really. Feel free to drop us a line on Discord, Twitter or Telegram to let us know that you’re featuring us somewhere. Not mandatory, but we’d like that!

Official Logo

Whenever possible, please use our logo on a black background, like so:

Logo Variations

The following are also okay to use, and you may find them necessary for print media, or when only featuring the emblem (though we think it’s not as awesome as our official logo in full color):

Download all logo variations in both .SVG and .PNG format:


Nametag Neon is our official color. To ensure enough contrast, we recommend pairing it with a black background.

Hex #D9FC35

RGB 217, 252, 53

HSL 71, 97, 60


We use the excellent open source Inter typeface for all web and print branding.


If you something that we don’t cover here, then please reach out to us on Discord or Twitter. We’ll be happy to help.