The future of usernames

Nametags are universal usernames stored on blockchain.

An ERC-721 token, stored on-chain

Every name on
a network has value

But this notion is constantly undermined. Platforms at large disallow the sale of usernames — yet turn handles over to celebrities and copyright holders. Sales are pushed to grey markets, and name ownership is far from immutable.

Your username
to everything

Our goal is to become the standard naming service of the Internet. We exist as an opt-in second layer service that will allow users on any platform to display their Nametags, and view others’ Nametags in lieu of native platform handles.


Redefining the meta

Nametags are on-chain ERC-721 NFTs. They are controlled by no centralized entity, and can be traded, held, and managed freely. Because they’re not limited to a single website, Nametags have intrinsic long-term utility that doesn’t rely on individual platform sticking power.