A new dimension for your internet.

Nametag lets you see the web through the lens of a digital collector. Available on Twitter and Discord.




Chrome extension users

5/5 on Chrome Web Store


Digital collector lens for Twitter.

Nametag’s browser extension lets you see the unseen. Find fellow collectors, view their inventory, badges, and more — all directly in Twitter.

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Definitely a top contender for utility NFT plugins, it will revolutionize the entire Twitter NFT space.



Find fellow digital collectors on Discord.

Find fellow Nametag users directly on Discord in Google Chrome. See a glimpse of their profile and open their Inventory in one click.



Coming soon.

View Nametag profiles directly from YouTube. Find other collectors in the comments, and see their inventory directly on their YouTube profile.

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... and more

Twitch, OpenSea, and other platforms will be in the works soon as well.

Follow Nametag on Twitter to find out when more platforms become available.

Earn Achievements

Earn achievements based on your social influencer level.

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Over 61.1K Nametag Holders, and counting. Get in early before that FOMO kicks in.

This is the future of the internet as we know it. I really think this is groundbreaking for NFTs and will help bring awareness to the masses. [...] People will have FOMO later on.