The NFT Collector’s X-Ray Vision for Twitter

Nametag’s browser extension lets you see the unseen. Find fellow NFT collectors, view their NFTs, badges, and more — all directly in Twitter.

Identify Your Fellow NFT Collectors

See which Twitter profiles also hold a Nametag account, and see their full Nametag profile in one click.


Synced Profile Pic

Your Nametag profile pic will always appear in place of your Twitter picture. Change your Nametag profile pic, and your Twitter pic updates automatically.


NFTs at Your Fingertips

Rock your NFT swagger directly on your Twitter profile, and view other Nametag holder’s NFTs directly on their profile.


Community of NFT Aficionados

The Nametag journey is only at the beginning, and we couldn’t do this without our awesome community.

This is lowkey next level, now I can see more NFT art on twitter I didn't know people owned.

This is the future of the internet as we know it.I really think this is groundbreaking for NFTs and will help bring awareness to the masses. Seeing all of the green names on Twitter is so cool. People will have FOMO later on.

Definitely a top contender for utility NFT plugins, it will revolutionize the entire Twitter NFT space.